When You Need Custom Application or Appelt

3545 programmers can adapt what you have or rebuild it from scratch. We have developed specialty products for:

Law Firms and Legal Departments
Food and Beverage
Inventory Based Businesses
Accounting Firms
Long-term Care

Break free from the frustration of trying to make your enterprise software easier to use and more efficient.
We can configure and optimize it to your specific needs!

Aged Invoices Receivable
Aged Invoices Receivable
Billable Time Spent
Billable Time Spent
Comparative Productivity
Comparative Productivity
Staff Productivity Dashboard
Staff Productivity Dashboard
Top Fees Billed Paid
Top Fees Billed Paid
Menu Driven Apps and Reports on Your Desktop!
Menu Driven Apps and Reports on Your Desktop!
For Reporting Purposes

Business Pulse®

Our product does things your way. Need a report or a mini application? Need real-time results reporting? Business Pulse® is just that. Start imagining:

•  Interactive Dashboards you design
•  Real-time Reporting on any ODBC application
•  Uses Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
•  Sends results to Excel, Word, PDF or Email

Mini Applications – If You Can Imagine It, We Can Deliver It!
•  Add tables to store information your current program can’t
•  Add features you need that your favorite application doesn’t understand
•  Take an off-the-shelf application such as QuickBooks and turn it into a specialized application for you

Business Pulse®

Updates & Installation

BusinessPulse® Installation Instructions

BusinessPulse® Update

After downloading, double-click to update your current copy of Business Pulse®. Replace the copy currently in the shared folder originally chosen for installation.

Workstation Setup Instructions


Club Trak

Club Trak tracks membership for Private Clubs. Member’s data is entered by swiping drivers license or other state issued ID’s, checks age & membership status, handles monthly meeting minutes & prints membership lists, and reports on expired memberships. Your data stays on your premises.



Customized Card Readers

Use our programmed and customized card readers to help you accurately and quickly enter information into your database from any magnetic stripped card. Data can feed directly into Time Matters and other popular database programs.


An intuitive, easy to use Trial Presentation System. Point-N-Show is a small, stand-alone application that allows you to present images and digital media. It’s everything you need in court, and the power of pointing at your notes is in your hand. It is as simple as 1, 2, 3! Trial presentation does not have to be expensive or complicated. Let the developer show you how.

  • 1.

    Tell Point-N-Show where your files are located.

    They can be on your local hard drive, a thumb drive, CD-ROM, even on a network. The only limitation is that they all reside in the same folder.
  • 2.

    With Just a few clicks, print thumbnails of your files.

    You can choose to print the thumbnails 3,6,9, or 12 images to a page (depending on how much detail you need). Point-N-Show also prints attorney notes for each image as desired AND automatically adds a barcode font to each image.
  • 3.

    Display the file you want with the Point-N-Show cordless BarCode Scanner.

    No longer do you have to fumble with a keyboard to navigate around in your slideshow. No more being dependant on staff to make sure the courtroom presentation goes well. You can also take as much digital data to court as you want, knowing that you will be able to access it easily and quickly. You’ve got your Point-N-Show!
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