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The systems that power your business, can experience the occasional hiccup. However, those interruptions should not get in the way of serving your clients.

When frequent technology challenges derail your staff from performing daily tasks it impacts the bottom line, morale and your reputation. All reasons why we recommend an ongoing Managed Services program, designed to maintain uptime and provide emergency support when issues arise.

Why Move to Managed Services?

The popularity of Managed Service plans has increased drastically within the past ten years. Due largely in part to cloud-based software adoption and the need for consistent connectivity for in-house and remote employees. With an added benefit of fixing the cost of IT support, moving away from the traditional hourly billing model. In which, IT providers were incentivized to wait until an emergency because they could bill at a higher hourly rate.

We believe that your IT provider is a partner to your business, one that should be pro-active and look to avoid issues before they become crises. Our comprehensive managed service programs include comprehensive monitoring and support for optimal, uninterrupted performance.

In a recent interview, we discuss the benefits of our managed service program with one of our longest-standing clients, Plavnicky Kinzel Makowski LLP.

Case Study

West Mermis PLLC

Compromised IT security can be devastating for smaller law firms. For one of our award-winning clients, we quickly migrated their document management system to the cloud after experiencing an incident where all their server-based confidential files and docs were vulnerable to theft. Now, they have come to depend on us for all their IT support needs and recognize why it’s important to work with legal technology specialists. With our technology expertise, we’re helping this smaller firm continue to win awards as well as new clients from larger competitors.

Read the Case Study!

Read the West Mermis PLLC Case Study and learn more about how our team can solve for the unknown in nearly any situation.

“3545 demonstrated that not only are they responsive, but they are experts. They have people who can address more than just basic IT issues but the in-depth challenges. Under the managed service program offered by 3545, I don’t have to deal with all the IT issues. It’s been definitely less headache for me.”

— Missy Lonergan, West Mermis PLLC

Case Study

Plavnicky Kinzel Makowski LLP

Read the Case Study!
Read the Plavnicky Kinzel Makowski LLP Case Study and learn more about how our team can solve for the unknown in nearly any situation. are serviced by HubSpot.

“By engaging 3545 Consulting not just for one-time projects but for ongoing support as the firm’s managed service provider PKM’s staff can focus on tending to clients not troubleshooting issues.”

  • — Elizabeth Joliet-Nimmons,
    Plavnicky Kinzel Makowski LLP
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