Has your firm outgrown its current Time, Billing, and Accounting solution?

Are you looking for a new time, billing, and accounting solution?

Choosing the right software can be a pivotal decision for your business and because of this it can also be quite overwhelming! Luckily, 35★45 Consulting®  offers unique perspectives and assistance to help you navigate this process. Leveraging decades of experience in the Legal Software Industry, the team at 35★45 Consulting®  is ready to apply our knowledge to help you find the right solution for your firm.

Cloud vs. Premise:  The first hurdle is to evaluate the difference between a hosted solution vs. a premise-based software vs. SAAS (Software as a Service) model.  The Software as a Service model functions on a monthly subscription basis instead of a purchase or annual renewal basis. Sometimes this steady commitment is helpful to businesses because it tells them exactly how much to budget monthly. However, some businesses do not like this model because they add it all up and realize it’s overall a larger monetary investment than the premise-based software they are accustomed to.

Mature vs. Leading Edge:  Clients and consultants both know that price is not the only determining factor when picking a time, billing, and accounting software. Today, there are a lot of exciting newcomers in the marketplace that may seem like a perfect solution. However, when considered under an expert’s eye it may be revealed that they are not very mature products and therefore may not have the feature sets required you have come to expect.

Replacing the Linking and Synching:  Another reason a business may be looking for a new solution is because of specific linking needs within an existing piece of software they like and rely on. In some cases, linking works but in most cases linking is a nightmare. Even though two pieces of software may be great individually, they may be difficult to manage together. So, in looking for software businesses may need to look beyond just replacing one program and instead look at the feature sets of all the different programs that are interacting. For example, a business that is or wants to be using a practice management program must make sure it balances with time, billing, and accounting software to make sure that they have a system efficient enough to accommodate all of their needs. This will benefit a business much more in the long run than just replacing one program that may have gone up in price, hasn’t been updated, or isn’t keeping up with an expanding business’s growing needs. Through our unique holistic approach to technology consulting and support, 35★45 can asses workflow, analyze what kind of software is currently being used and consider how everything will work together in order to maximize workplace efficiency.

Total Solution:  At 35★45, we don’t like to look at any one element in isolation; we like to understand what the entire business does and wants to do, as well as their entire workflow pattern. From there, we can help determine important business-defining questions such as: What systems are right to run this business? Are they hosted in the cloud or should they be premise-based? Should the software programs be updated to hosting the program itself? By blending our team’s meticulous analysis with years of experience in the Legal Software industry, we can help you figure out some answers. At 35★45 Consulting, we pride ourselves on a through and well-rounded approach to finding technological solutions. We will look at a business’ specific needs and then look for a solution whose features meet these needs; because if the features do not meet or exceed the needs of the client then no one will be happy.

Time for a Change?  If you’re at a crossroads and you really don’t know which way to turn then let us help you! We can start out with a one-hour consultation to determine a short list of products that can fit your business needs based on the features of your current applications as well as the features that you’d like to have in an additional piece of software. This can include overall pricing, linking, workflow analysis, and a practical portrait of what it would look like for your firm to transition to new software. At the end of that initial call, we can decide on a short list of programs that you would like to see in a side-by-side comparison.  We are committed to showing both the strengths and weaknesses in our product comparisons.  We do the work for you, so you can make an informed decision that will work now and into the future.


Among the Time, Billing, and Accounting products we support:

Aderant and Aderant Total Office



Firm Manager




Rippe & Kingston LMS

Sage 50





Contact 35★45 Consulting at 713-789-3323  or visit our website www.3545consulting.com today to learn more about our talented team and how we can best help your business thrive.

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