Going Above and Beyond

With a particular expertise in law firm technology consulting, including deep knowledge in legal software applications, 35*45 is the go-to consultancy for leading law firms and legal departments around the globe. This is why law firms like The Harris Law Firm – a firm that has understood the value of technology since its inception – chose to partner with 35*45.  Knowing the importance and need for constant connectivity for in-house and remote employees Harris Law Firm signed on for the added benefit of fixing the costs of IT support through a Managed Services Contract as well.

Can Do, Will Do

While much of IT-related work is handled virtually, 35*45’s highly client-focused and responsive can do, will do, attitude, has proven time and time again they are there for their clients, and willing to go that extra mile. The Harris Law Firm experienced this dedication firsthand. 35*45 Partner Arthur Cruz was the IT Technical lead on the 35*45 Consulting team that took the Harris Law Firm from an infrastructure laden system to Cloud products with a minimal infrastructure.  Since the migration over a year ago, 3545 Consulting has continued service Harris Law Firm with a Managed Services Contract.

During their regularly scheduled weekly status call, Harris COO, Doug Edwards noted he would be away from the office for a full week or more. They made the decision to have Arthur onsite splitting time between their offices in Denver, Englewood, and Evergreen Colorado.  Arthur was happy to say “Yes!”.  Arthur would fly out and perform some of the services on-site as part of the MSP contract, (at no additional service charge) and make sure they had adequate coverage in Doug’s absence, this would give everyone peace of mind.  As Arthur sees it, “this is not an imposition, it’s an opportunity to meet end users and attorneys, and develop deeper insights into how to better support our client.”

The Right Staff with the Right Stuff

Arthur leads the IT Engineering Team at 35*45 and has been with the firm for 25-years: A Partner for fifteen. Longevity of service is prevalent at 35*45, with decades-long tenures among staff and partners. A level of retention that is truly rare among IT firms.

35*45 is structured around a team of experts in legal and data technology and software applications. Partners, consultants and associates alike, hold individual and corporate certifications in a variety of computer and data technologies and software applications. Services include consulting, IT network services, managed services, and custom reporting and applications.

The dynamic mixture of tenured staff, legal applications know-how, and IT infrastructure expertise (including server-based, cloud, SaaS, network architecture, management and security) uniquely positions 35*45 Consulting to lead transformational and sustainable technology improvements at law firms. 35*45 doesn’t just build systems – they make the software thrive in the environment.

Onsite with Arthur

During his week onsite at The Harris Law Firm, Arthur was not just performing updates. He was engaging with attorneys, partners, paralegals, and staff, and providing insights into the different ways each individual used the applications. At the same time, Arthur was deepening his own insights into the firm’s user-interactions with the software and SaaS environment. The knowledge gathered during his time onsite incorporated into training programs, implementation procedures, and myriad other items that ultimately benefit all 35*45 clients.

While visiting the 3 offices of Harris, Arthur was very hands on, working directly with users, dispensing tips and tricks on working with the new software and explaining some differences they might experience when working in a cloud-based SaaS environment. In the course of his time at the different locations, Arthur taught some basic troubleshooting practices in order to allow the firm to handle minor issues quickly and efficiently on their own minimizing any downtime. Supporting their clients’ self-sufficiency over seeking to maximize potential billable events, is just one of many points of distinction with 35*45’s MSP services, and the law firms are appreciative of the knowledge. In the words of Lisa Harris, “The best representation saves you money”.

As luck would have it, there was a networking issue while Arthur was out at Harris: The internet went out. Since Harris uses VOIP, this meant their phone line was down too!  It turned out that the ISP, Comcast, was doing work on their line and may have inadvertently cut a cable. Having Arthur on hand was serendipitously valuable, and convenient. Arthur was able to divert everyone over to their hotspot coverage so that work was able to continue, and the phone lines were back on to resume business as usual.  This outage was of course unrelated to 35*45 and their work, but Arthur immediately picked up the reins. He also was able to get on the phone with Comcast and serve as the ISP negotiator in Doug’s absence.

The Comfort of Peace of Mind

The expertise and can-do posture of 35*45 translates to real peace of mind for their clients. Their willingness to go above and beyond from implementation through ongoing management cannot be understated. Responsiveness (including the willingness of senior partners like Arthur to be onsite) is a key factor and allowed Harris’ COO Doug Edwards to enjoy an uninterrupted and well-deserved vacation.

The importance of being there and taking a deep genuine interest in their client’s success defines 35*45 relationships. They take a holistic approach to engage and truly partner with their clients. From end-user, to IT administrator; from staff to associate to partner. Not just understanding the application and IT aspects, but the goals of the business, to help them succeed.

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