Falling in Love with the Cloud

You’ll never forget that first encounter. Your eyes lock. The heart picks up its pace. The attraction is obvious, as unbridled giddiness reigns and a shiver runs all the way down to your toes.

You might think we’re talking about a mate, or significant other. We’re actually taking about the Cloud. There’s nothing like that endorphin rush when discovering something that makes work life that much easier and efficient. Come to think of it, coupling with a system within the Cloud has a lot of similarities to dating.

Seeking the Perfect Partner

When seeking a soul mate, you look for positive characteristics. The same can be said of selecting software. Like the best boyfriends and girlfriends, the Cloud is available anytime, anywhere. With a snap of the fingers and few clicks of the wrist, the Cloud is at your beck and call 24/7. But here’s where the Cloud is even better than the ever-loving spouse who’s still wearing parachute pants and terry-cloth headbands. The Cloud is never out of date; it’s always backed up, and you don’t have hassle with installation! In addition, the Cloud will never grow set in its ways; productivity is always increasing, while maintaining an immunity to viruses. 

Swipe Left or Right

So, how do you find the perfect match with a cloud system for your law firm? When scrolling through screens full of singles, who catches your eye? Do you gravitate toward the blonde over the brunette? Brains over brawn? Bashful over boastful?

Cloud management systems feature different personalities and styles too, so it’s good to know “your type.” Check out the interface and the manner of how a program works. Are the settings and preferences intuitive? Like a solid partner, they should fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Running a background check, or a little reconnaissance, is also a good idea. After all, only the gutsy marry before meeting family and friends. Review a program’s content, or feature set. Do you see any red flags, warning of hurricanes to come? Before jumping in head first, know you’ll have the support of those around you.

Lastly, take momma’s advice to heart: “A leopard is not going to change its spots.” If a program is simple, it’s simple, and most likely going to stay that way. If your needs run deeper, move on. Explore programs that are more customizable, but remember, the more customizable, the more complex they will be to use.

A Love Connection

It should be noted, some of the best, and longest-lasting, relationships weren’t chance encounters, but the efforts of friendly match-makers. If you don’t want to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince, or princess, legal consultants, like a Fairy Godmother, can find out what you need and pair you with the perfect system. Hiring an expert can save a lot of time and money, and help avoid those awkward blind dates. Whether searching for that special connection solo, or with a wing-man, your Happily Ever After awaits in the Cloud.

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