Custom Applications for Complex Problems.

As a business owner, you are no stranger to obstacles that seem to come out of left field. Unexpected roadblocks that get in the way of your team’s productivity or endanger your ability to serve clients.

At 35*45 Consulting-Global we recognize the need for ‘Outside of the Box’ thinking when it comes to finding solutions for those unexpected situations. As well as the value that custom applications provide when traditional software doesn’t deliver exactly what the business or client needs.

No Project is Too Great or Too Small.

When it comes to solving a complex problem, something that seems too small for custom application development might be the perfect fit. Clients often come to us after many rounds of trial and error trying to find a solution for a ‘small problem.’ Then, after a discovery session with our team find that developing a custom tool for their business was the best route all along.

Case Study

Ermer Law Group, PLLC

When a large client changed to a different technology platform, Ermer Law Group called on the engineering expertise of the 35*45 Consulting team. Their dedication to building a custom application not only solved the problem but strengthened the relationship with the client.

Read the Case Study!
Read the Ermer Law Group, PLLC Case Study and learn more about how our team can solve for the unknown in nearly any situation.

“The 3545 Team took interest and ownership in solving the problem. They were great to work with and knew the right questions to ask of us and our client to get the job done.”

— Jason Suter, Ermer Law Group

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