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In Loving Memory of Robin Birmingham

Words cannot express the sadness 35★45 feels as we announce the death of our dear friend and partner, Robin Birmingham. For twenty-two years she has been the heart and soul of the company. Robin lost her fight with Good Pasture’s Syndrome on Sunday evening, April 17, 2016. She is survived by her devoted and loving husband, John Birmingham. John and I were by her side when she passed.

Converting to a New Software Program?

It is inevitable that you will be faced with the difficult decision to change software programs some day.  When that time comes you can expect that you are headed for a rocky journey to get to the other side.  It seems like such a simple thing to stop using one program and start using another.  However, it is much like moving from one residence to another.

Review of Worldox GX4 and Worldox Web Mobile 2.0

Document management is dull but necessary. TechnoLawyer members have ranked document management software their favorite topic since forever. The reason is simple. If you can find the documents and email you are looking for quickly, you can get on with the business of practicing law.

Worldox has been in the business of helping lawyers manage their documents for over 25 years. This SmallLaw review encompasses both Worldox GX4, the latest release of World Software’s flagship product, and Worldox Web Mobile 2.0, which gives you secure access to Worldox.

Can You Fool Your Document Management System?

Document management systems tightly control the folder structure on your computer system. Sometimes users want to keep a group of documents of their choice in a single place, very much like a file folder.  A feature in Worldox that can accommodate this request is called Projects.  Projects can be set up in a variety of ways (e.g., Projects by Client or Projects by User).

“Best” Software

There’s a famous line – “If you are not sure where you want to go, any road will take you there”. The same is true of choosing software without first identifying your needs. Have you ever asked, “what’s the best software for __________?” I believe there’s no best software and asking that question will get you sales information but not good answers.