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End of Year 1099s: Knowing What to Send and When to Send It

The last weeks of the year for many people in a law firm can be a bit slow and give them a bit of time to catch up, as attorneys take vacations and courts are closed for the holidays. For those in accounting however, it is anything but leisurely. End-of Year brings on a slew of deadlines, as they close out the books for the year and prepare to send out the required IRS forms. One of which is the 1099.

Preparing for Year End

The end of another year is fast approaching, is your accounting system ready? There are some basic things you should do to avoid the last-minute crunch.

Finding the MVP of MSPs

It has been said that success is where preparation and opportunity meet. And, when it comes to preparation, the legal profession is a clear industry leader.

Is It Time to Kick Your Server to the Curb?

When it comes to office partnerships, few may be as intimate as the relationship with your server. That gentle hum can be a cool tonic that soothes a frantic search for client files, the expedited crunching of data, or the inputting of employee hours. The server doesn’t need compliments, nor smoke-breaks. With a few finger-tip clicks, it’s there to serve you upon request. And unlike some co-workers, the server is always on time and doing the fastest job possible… until it isn’t. As with all electronics, servers don’t live forever. In fact, computer gurus admit new technologies have shortened server lifecycles. So how do you know when it’s time to say Adios Amigo? And what’s the best technology to replace it?

Finding Balance for an Office Comeback

As if 2020 didn’t bring enough change… more is coming. The number of Americans getting vaccinated is rising daily, as mask mandates fall, prompting law firm decision-makers to ask, “What will the post-Covid workspace look like?” Will employees report back at full capacity, or partial?

NetDocuments: It’s More (and Less) Than You Think

NetDocuments (or “NetDocs”) is a robust cloud-based document management system used by law firms, legal departments, and others for more than 20-years. Today, NetDocs is securely managing more than 10-Billion files for those whose lifeblood is the documents they create.