3545 Consulting® offers complete technological solutions for professional and service-oriented organizations both internationally and within the United States. We have a team of dedicated professionals located all across the country!

We have a strong foundation of committed professionals working together in a team environment to offer complete and effective solutions to our clients. Our varied and talented team members cover a wide range of specialties including but not limited to: Business Analysis and Strategy, Technology Analysis and Strategy, Workflow Analysis, Change Management, Talent Management and Development, Project Administration and Management, Software Implementation, Data Migration and Conversion, Software Training, Practice Management and Case Management, Billing and Accounting Assistance, Document Management, Document Automation and Development Solutions, Managed Services, Private Cloud and Hosting Services, Information Technology (IT) and Networking Implementation and Support (both Onsite and Remote), Database Repairs, Business Analytics and Metrics, Custom Reporting and Analysis.

Every one of our partners is an official member of the Microsoft Partner Network and Value Added Resellers for a large number of software solutions. Additionally, our experienced team of consultants and associates hold individual and corporate certifications in a variety of computer and data technologies and software applications.

3545 specializes in implementing hardware, software, and service solutions for a variety of businesses, including: law firms, legal entities, educational institutions, and managed healthcare. Our goal is to evaluate our clients’ needs and budget constraints in order to identify appropriate hardware, services, or off-the-shelf software packages, and then to install, configure, and customize these assets, as well as migrate data into the new environment, train the end-users and systems support teams, and support and maintain the systems we install. Our staff, a unique collection of highly qualified and motivated individuals, functions as a cohesive team capable of addressing our clients’ needs and stands unwavering against even the most complex technological challenges. In addition, our technical consultants frequently serve as liaisons to in-house IT professionals, supporting and augmenting our clients’ existing IT departments, and ultimately providing a balanced approach to introduction and support of software applications and hardware solutions for their business.

Specific Services That We Offer

  • Monitor and maintain server and workstation hardware and operating system, which may include: installing operating system updates, firmware/BIOS updates,
  • Install, maintain, and monitor asset management agents and antivirus software on servers and workstations
  • Remediate potentially unwanted software, ransomware, and virus infection issues
  • Identify and resolve root causes using in-band and out-of-band, (when available), management tools
  • Set up proactive notification and automatically notifying ticket system for server hardware failures
  • Verify and maintain active user accounts and password lists, if appropriate
  • Monitor and maintain scheduled backups and periodically test the backup’s integrity
  • Set up, monitor, and maintain SQL maintenance jobs, if applicable
  • Troubleshoot desktop application errors and act as technical liaisons to third parties who troubleshoot applications, hardware, IT service errors or performance issues
  • Install application updates and patches on servers and workstations. Upgrades and major version updates priced separately.
  • Manage and maintain firewall and network infrastructure
  • Perform an annual technology review
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