What’s New with Worldox GX4?

Neil Quateman and his colleague, Sarah Rosas, recently attended a Worldox conference at the end of May 2018. The conference discussed a lot about the new features coming out in the new Worldox GX4. (If your firm isn’t yet on GX4, I’d recommend that we discuss upgrading). The company plans to release these new features towards the end of the summer in a release called WDU14, and here’s some of the things we can expect.


– If two people in your firm receive the same email, and one person saves it into Worldox, the other user will be able to see in their own Outlook that the email has been saved into Worldox (less guesswork for your users) .

– Users can link existing Outlook folders to Worldox, or create new ones that can link to Worldox. When you drop an email on the folder, you’ll see the Profile information that will be used, then click OK. These linked folders can be set to either Move or Copy the original email.

– You will be able to file emails into linked folders on your mobile device, and they will be filed into Worldox.

– The features called Notify and Task will now be available at no charge. Notify can inform users about a specific status of documents (e. g., the estate plan has been prepared). The Task feature lets a user link a document to an Outlook Task.


– For years, you could purchase an add-on for Worldox called Web Mobile that would let you download, upload, or email docs from Worldox using your iPhone, iPad, or a browser.

– The new release will include Web Mobile 3.0. It will have a noticeably improved user interface, including new functionality, and no need to initiate a download or upload if you’re in a Windows browser. The performance will also be improved.

– Starting with the new release, the on-premise version of Web Mobile 3.0 will be available for all of your users at no charge. We would need to check your hardware and network operating specs to confirm compatibility.


If you have any questions about Worldox or would like to upgrade, please feel free to send in a ticket to incident@3545consulting.com.

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