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Here are some of the key features of Worldox Connect that were introduced in March 2017.
Sharing documents with users outside your firm:
If you are familiar with Dropbox or Box, you’ll have a sense of what it means to share documents with other people. But unlike those options, there are several advantages to using Worldox Connect. Connect allows you to automatically control the life span of the documents. Connect will keep the documents in Worldox in sync with the documents in the shared location. If you allow other users to edit the files, then you can redline versions of the document with their edits.
Clean metadata when sending attachments by email:
When you attach documents to an email, you will be asked if you want to clean the documents before they are sent. This includes things like Track Changes, and other hidden data that is created as users handle and modify documents. There are various levels of cleaning available.
Access documents in Worldox from an iPhone, iPad or browser:
Part of Worldox Connect is the ability for a licensed user to access documents in Worldox from their iPhone, iPad, or a browser. You can search for documents, send documents via email, download and edit documents, or upload new documents.
A firm must be running Worldox GX4, and use the most recent program code (beginning with 12/15/2016). There are also integration templates that must be added to an existing Worldox site (a brand new installation does not need this).
Initial installation for up to two stations, $495.00.
Each user is $20/month/user if paid quarterly ($240 per year), or $17/user/month if paid annually ($204 per year).
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