Timeline Report – Business Pulse – Not Just for Billing

Just wanted to give everyone an illustration that BUSINESS PULSE is NOT JUST FOR BILLING. Below is the final report generator panel for a custom report Tommy and I built (rather Tommy built and I watched and learned). It is a unified Timeline report which aggregates all the ancillary activity records: notes, calls, tasks, billing, documents, and email. Once these records are normalized and joined in a new table, we can GROUP them at 2 levels. Grouping is allowed for any of the following fields client, matter, staff on matter, staff on activity, record type, matter code, and activity code. And we have on the fly filtering as well for: Client, MatterRef, MatCode, Record Type, Staff on Matter and Staff on Record.

The report is FAST and elegant. We have brought in the MEMO field, but offset the font so it is distinguished from the activity. The point is the process is fun and quick. And it is NOT just for billing.

BP Timeline Blog 02


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