Can You Fool Your Document Management System?

Document management systems tightly control the folder structure on your computer system. Sometimes users want to keep a group of documents of their choice in a single place, very much like a file folder.  A feature in Worldox that can accommodate this request is called Projects.  Projects can be set up in a variety of ways (e.g., Projects by Client or Projects by User).

Worldox Blog 7-21-2014

The easiest way to begin using Projects is to create a new Profile Group.  If you need help getting started on the feature, you can work with your Worldox consultant, contact World Software tech support, or review the guides that come with Worldox.  The guides can be found in a folder called Guides which is under the Worldox program folder on your network. There is an initial discuss of the Projects feature in the Worldox GX3 Pro User Guide 1 v1.1

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