Timeslips v2015 – Should I?

Like the seasons and taxes, new software versions are inevitable. If it’s May then Sage Timeslips is announcing a new version, which is expected to begin shipping in June. Why should you be interested? Improved workflow and improved efficiency are promised by Timeslips 2015. If you are running v2012, your software will go off support next year. This means that purchasing upgrades will become more expensive. If you are running an older version of Timeslips, which is already off support, you should probably be thinking of upgrading for compatibility with new operating systems and other products.

Upgrading for support is okay, but not exciting. New features that can benefit you and save you time and money are the real reason to upgrade. So what does v2015 offer? – Simplify the process of identifying draft bills with the new water mark on draft bills. This makes it easy to differentiate draft bills from final bills quickly. Some firms print draft bills on colored paper to help with this process, but that can require remembering to go to the printer and change paper before you start. This new feature can be an automatic part of your billing process.

– Need to track two different addresses for your client – perhaps billing and physical address or summer and winter. If you have been using the notes field or other fields for this you know that this offers no formatting and limited usefulness. With the new secondary address field, the address is easily setup and, there’s a quick “Swap” feature to make it easy to change which address is primary.

– Capturing your work as you do it means better tracking and capture of more billable time. The TimeCapture application has been improved. You can merge slips, drag and drop complete groups for easy merge functionality, more easily create slips and export rules for sharing across the network. You can also create and add filters based on custom search criteria to improve your capture. The speed of the TimeCapture application has been improved. All this helps you capture more of your time, more quickly; generating more revenue for your firm.

– Timeslips has long provided the ability to move clients from open to closed or inactive. As you do this you may receive warnings. With Timeslips 2015 the warnings provide more detail and clearer information to save you time in making decisions as to whether or not to proceed. – Enhanced text search and conflict checking lets you select specific areas to search. This provided for faster searching.

– Do you have to submit bills to audit houses, e-billing? If not, you may have to soon as more and more we are seeing firms being asked to submit bills this way. With v2015 the workflow has been improved. You can have multiple templates for the same format, a real plus if you work with different audit houses. There is more flexibility with UTBMS codes if using Ledes 98B. Additionally you can create custom names for output files and Ledes customers can export output files to individual files with a nickname 1 or nickname 2 naming convention. These improvements can save substantial time in the electronic billing process, making getting paid easier.

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